Welcome to Reactie Response's website

We welcome your visit and would like to tell you more about what we do. We are specialists in the field of telephone fundraising.

This means that we only and exclusively focus on fundraising and other telephone work for the non-profit sector and do not engage in regular telemarketing.

On these pages you will find more information about our work, so feel browse. If you want to know more we will be pleased to give you more information. You can approach us either by phone or through a direct interview. Our contact details can be found on the contact page. We will do our best to answer within 24 hours.

When did we start

In 1995, Henk Smit (together with Edward Straub) founded the first specialised telephone fundraising company in the Netherlands

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How do we work

In our work with our clients we make a plan together with you to see how you can make your budget work most efficiently

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Where do we do it

Henk Smit, our founder has raised funds in many countries in Europe. Mostly by using the phone, but also in different ways

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